Do you enjoy ballbusting? do you enjoy women kicking your balls ?
that kick to the testicles is what turns you on and scares you at the same time.
it's a ballbusting fetish. it's also called tamakeri

I love that too.

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This page is dedicated to ballbusting.

in general this means:
ball kicking,ball kneeing, ball squeezing, ball crushing, ball punching, ball grabbing etc.

I love ballbusting it when my wife punishes me by kicking my balls, no matter if
she does it barefoot or with her boots.
sometimes the ballbusting is just for her fun, with no reason at all
i'm happy it amuses her to see me suffer in testicle pain when she kick my balls.

We men have a soft spot, and when our wife or girlfriend finds about this soft spot,
they can control us by simply ballbusting us.
one strict touch and we are puppies, we become "helpless and useless" as my wife says 
with her nasty smile.

she also threaten me every now and then saying: "don't do that again or i'll kick
your balls again!", "do you want to have you testicles squeezed again? well, do you?!", 
"why you little.... i'm going to bust your balls!"
I remember her saying over the phone: "I had a bad day today, honey, i think i'll kick
your balls when I get home, just to get a smile back on my face", and I went like:
"..hmmm...yes...dear...if you must.."

yes, of course i'm into female domination and i'm total owned by my wife's squeezing hand and 
stomping strong feet.
everted i'm naked, or at least when i have my testicle sack exposed i think of ballbusting.
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I personally get very turned eye by watching a girl kicking a guy in the nuts.

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